Wherever they go, African girls face the odds!

I was astonished to see a report from BBC Health that over 20,000 girls in the UK and France are at high risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Migrant communities from Africa, especially Somalia are keeping this practice through out their way.

The most amazing practice, as I saw from the report is the Somali community in the UK are practicing this in establishing a girls party. The party serves as a means to get girls mutilated with low cost. 

The awareness may remain low or still behavioral change may not been brought, bu the state has to closely watch the community and design an appropriate strategy in this regard. 

Beyond infibulation, which is a total removal of clitoris and labia together with sewing the opening of the vagina until it is left with a very small hole for menstrual blood, mutilation is basically done in two ways. The two ways. 

The full report can be accessed online at BBC   

 Wherever they go, African girls face the odds!



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