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Tomorrow will be a different day for girls

Rural disadvantage girls through a process of social change.


Breaking The Cycle Of HIV, Hunger and Poverty –

Breaking The Cycle Of HIV, Hunger and Poverty –

On January 14-15, 2013, the International Development Studies Group (Utrecht University) in collaboration with LANDac (the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development –, will convene a 2-day conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, aimed at drawing scholars and policy makers together who have been paying particular attention to gender dynamics in land governance processes. We are at an important juncture where many countries are experimenting with legislative change in land governance. It is imperative for the aims of social justice, equity, and poverty alleviation that gender perspectives inform these reforms. The conference will include plenary panels of guest speakers from across academia and public policy, and a series of academic papers.

The call for contributions is broad based, multi-disciplinary, and across the career stage. Research from all regions are welcome, as are works set in rural, urban, or semi-urban settings. Papers can address the gendered…

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Wherever they go, African girls face the odds!

I was astonished to see a report from BBC Health that over 20,000 girls in the UK and France are at high risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Migrant communities from Africa, especially Somalia are keeping this practice through out their way.

The most amazing practice, as I saw from the report is the Somali community in the UK are practicing this in establishing a girls party. The party serves as a means to get girls mutilated with low cost. 

The awareness may remain low or still behavioral change may not been brought, bu the state has to closely watch the community and design an appropriate strategy in this regard. 

Beyond infibulation, which is a total removal of clitoris and labia together with sewing the opening of the vagina until it is left with a very small hole for menstrual blood, mutilation is basically done in two ways. The two ways. 

The full report can be accessed online at BBC   

 Wherever they go, African girls face the odds!



Opportunities for Girls in Africa

Girls in Africa are disadvantaged and excluded from the different opportunities that boys and are accessing. Education is among the opportunities supposed to offer the girls wide rages of opportunities in their quality lives and better livelihoods. Marriage at childhood further costs their education in keeping them out or drop, if they enroll.

Programmes which benefit girls in promoting girls education serves as a means to eradicate child marriage and address inequality detaching the entrenched hierarchical systems established in their expenses.

This blog with continually identify programmes promoting girls education and empowerment of women through a lot of opportunities in an effort to inform policy makers, development organizations and civic society organizations for scale up and sharing of best practices.

Girls Innovation in Africa!